Welcome to the Party!


We’ll be back on January 7th and Drag Queen Bingo will continue to be broadcasted via Zoom! Please join in the fun and interact with other players!

Just make your favorite beverage and we’ll take those O-69 shots shots shots all together!! Now let’s get out our 2020 BE GONE SPRAY and move happily into 2021!

January Beneficiary

January’s BINGO proceeds will go to a Sacramento charity in need.

Donate to Play BINGO!

The Sacramento Rainbow Chamber cares about the impacts COVID-19 has had on the non-profits that receive Drag Queen Bingo proceeds, and we believe it’s more important than ever to support these organizations. Let’s continue to support the community from the comfort of our own homes!

Download DQB Bingo Cards

Click the image above to download our official Drag Queen Bingo cards and to play along at home!

“It’s OK to play with
your balls at home…”

-DoMe Moore

About Us

Drag Queen Bingo (DQB) descends on Mango’s in Midtown Sacramento every first Thursday, with proceeds benefiting a different charity each month. We’ll be DOING IT online for the time being!

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